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Web Auctions

Online auctions are sales transactions that result from a competitive bidding process conducted over the Internet. Whether the sales take place between individuals, between consumers and merchants, or between businesses, online auctions have enjoyed rapid growth with the spread of Internet access. The value of goods and services traded through online auctions is not tracked but is estimated to have grown rapidly in the last years.

Online auctions appeal to individuals who enjoy the competitive bidding process and like to feel as if they are getting a bargain. MSETT Holdings on line auctions allow buyers and sellers to negotiate pricing, payment methods and shipping details. Auction-related costs is limited to a small registration fee for both the buyers and sellers and does not include any kind of any other fees.

MSETT Holdings bidding procedure are simple and dramatically competitive. The potential buyers and sellers have to register themselves and start trading via the registration form that has to be filled before any transaction.

By the time an item is on line every registered buyer can bid for it depending on the value and interest regarding the item for sale.

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